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Born on planet Earth, a child has soon discovered his passion for computer science, entrepreneurship, psychology, design and all that is correlated to digital technology. Driven by curiosity, in the beautiful Italy, after finishing his master's degree in theoretical Computer Science at the University of Udine, he applied for a bachelor degree in Mathematics. His biggest asset is time and family. He strongly believes in self-improvement, people and positive psychology. Putting together experience, passion and creativity he has worked on several projects such as Addaptive and in his free time he writes his life long book: "Better Human Manual". That grown child is Alex Prut and professionally he is a Software Engineer.


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Rework 3rd july 20194th july 2019
Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder 25th june 2019 – current
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 1st april 201910th june 2019
The Lean Startup 9th june 201929th june 2019
Designing Data-Intensive Applications 28th march 2019 – current
Let My People Go Surfing 2nd march 201910th june 2019
Calculus Made Easy 3rd march 2019 – current
Advancing Bitcoin London – United Kingdom 7th february 20198th february 2019
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The 48 Laws of Power 25th november 2018 – current
The Intelligent Investor 25th december 2018 – current
Building Microservices 29th november 201825th march 2019
Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers 24th july 2018 – current
Nutrition for Dummies 24th july 2018 – current
Algorithmic Trading and DMA 24th june 2018 – current
Einstein: His Life and Universe 3rd march 2018 – current
Mathematics for Computer Science 27th december 2017 – current
Cracking the Coding Interview 7th may 201714th march 2019
A Tour of C++ 21st march 2017 – current
Better Human Manual 5th september 2013 – current
Introduction to Algorithms 14th july 2015 – current
The Elements of Typographic Style august 2014 – current
Code Complete february 2014 – current
devcon iv (Ethereum) Prague – Czech Republic 30th october 20182nd november 2018
The Effective Executive 24th july 20182nd november 2018
Vagabonding 27th june 20185th july 2018
The Clean Coder 19th june 201824th june 2018
May React London Meetup United Kingdom – London (Facebook) 29th may 2018
Code Block (Blockchain) United Kingdom – London (Google Campus) 24th march 2018
Deep Survival 29th march 201810th june 2018
Cryptoassets 8th february 201824th march 2018
Mastering Bitcoin 5th january 201818th february 2018
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future 21st december 201727th december 2017
The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work 25th june 20173rd july 2017
The Design of Everyday Things 2nd july 201728th december 2017
Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life 15th may 20177th july 2017
Created user group—<WEB.IS.ART/> 12nd april 2016 – november 2017
Pro Git 11st october 201617th may 2017
The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing 10th december 20162nd may 2017
Formal Semantics of Programming Languages 10th october 201617th february 2017
Computational Complexity 1st october 201613rd february 2017
A Semantic Web Primer 2nd august 201630th january 2017
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns 2nd august 201521st july 2017
Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools 11st september 201515th june 2016
From The Front Conference Italy – Bologna 15th september 201616th september 2016
Learn You Some Erlang for great good! 25th july 201612nd september 2016
The 4-Hour Workweek 16th july 201626th november 2016
Operations Research 12nd april 20165th july 2016
The Millionaire Fastlane 5th july 201619th november 2016
Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It march 201614th june 2016
Kerning Conference Italy – Faenza 3rd june 2016
TEDx Padova Italy – Padua 30th may 2016
Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! october 2015 – april 2016
Speed Reading 15th august 2015 – march 2016
Programming Languages august 2015 – april 2016
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 25th may 201527th june 2015
The Secrets of Body Language august 201415th may 2015
Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant 5th april 201512nd may 2015
Computer Networks: A Systems Approach 11st september 201313rd may 2014
Finals Profis Competition Hungary – Budapest 3rd december 20144th december 2014
Open Source Day Italy – Udine 29th november 2014
Speaker at JoomlaDay™ Italy – Milan 8th november 2014
Google Summer of Code 2014 11st march 201422nd august 2014
J and Beyond 2014 Germany – Frankfurt (KTC Königstein) 30th may 20141st june 2014
Rich Dad Poor Dad august 2014
Think and Grow Rich april 2014
Italian Agile Day Italy – Reggio Emilia 29th november 201330th november 2013
CSSOff 2013 Italy – online 26th november 2013
H-ACK Fashion Italy – Venice (H-Farm Ventures) 23rd november 201324th november 2013
NoSQL Day Italy – Udine 15th november 2013
Amazon Web Services Summit Italy – Milan 31st october 2013
Speaker at JoomlaDay™ Italy – Naples 12nd october 2013
Google Summer of Code 2013 22nd april 201323rd september 2013
JMicrodata Library 21st september 2013
Business Model Generation august 2013 – september 2013
TechnoSeed – Startup Accelerator Italy – Udine 31st july 2013
Modern Operating Systems 17th march 201210th august 2012
Structured Computer Organization 1st august 20113rd april 2012
Open Source Day Italy – Udine 24th november 2012
Codemotion Italy – Venice (H-Farm Ventures) 17th november 2012
Open Source Day Italy – Udine 26th november 2011
JoomlaDay™ Italy – Verona 9th october 2010
Created HenGames.com 4th september 2010
Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers august 2010 – september 2010
Don't Make Me Think august 2010 – september 2010
Search Engine Marketing august 2010 – september 2010
Personal Branding august 2010 – september 2010
Neuro Web Design august 2010 – september 2010
PHP 5 august 2010 – september 2010
Databases august 2010 – september 2010


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Mathematics University of Padua – bachelor's degree 1st october 2017 – current
Machine Learning Stanford University – online course 12nd july 2017 – current
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Princeton University – online course 12nd july 201721st december 2018
Computer Science University of Udine – master's degree 21st march 201521st july 2017
Web Technology and Multimedia University of Udine – bachelor's degree october 201120th march 2015
Learning How to Learn University of California, San Diego – online course august 2014 – september 2014
Software as a Service UC Berkeley – online course november 2012 – december 2012
Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society University of Pennsylvania – online course 22nd october 2012 – november 2012
Human – Computer Interaction Stanford University – online course 24th september 2012 – october 2012
Gamification University of Pennsylvania – online course 27th august 2012 – september 2012
How to Build a Startup Steve Blank – online course april 2012 – may 2012
JQuery Jeffrey Way – online course april 2012 – may 2012
Web Development Steve Huffman – online course april 2012 – may 2012
Technology Entrepreneurship Stanford University – online course march 2012 – april 2012
Introduction to Databases Stanford University – online course october 2011 – november 2011
Computer Science I.T.I.S. F.Severi of Padua – diploma september 2006 – july 2011



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